Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm counting backwards in your head.

My new shoes arrived today! I was so shocked that they only took 3 days from the United States, considering whenever friends or family send something from New South Wales to Queensland it can take up to a week and a half. I love them. Outfit posts are to come! I didn't get home til late and didn't have enough natural lighting to shoot with.

A funny story comes with the delivery on these little wedges as well. I wasn't home when the delivery man came to my apartment. I live in a large complex, and the ladies and men who work on reception are never helpful. They wouldn't let him leave my package with them, nor would they let him leave a "We visited when you were not at home" slip in my mail box. So the poor delivery man came and found me at work! Such a kind man. I thanked him profusely! He must've known how important a girl shoe addiction is!


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