Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Starting off today's post with: Me (and my boyfriend) are the proud new owners of a Canon 550D. It's been purchased finally. Words can not describe how excited i am! It's only a matter of time and i will be taking good quality photographs for my blog! Sorry basic point and click, i have moved onto bigger and better things.

With yesterday off, it gave me time to work on a few things (photography, graphics). I really enjoy using different techniques when posting photos for my blog. I really enjoyed doing this header for today's post too. I have never put a photo in a header, so i thought i'd give it a go! I get bored easily, so i like to do things differently quite often. The sun was out when i took the photo, it was glorious. Summer i really do miss you. Though, having said that, as soon as it comes I'll wish it was winter again. I feel like i am never satisfied (laughs at self). What's your favourite season?

I said yesterday, that i had been testing out our new place for lighting and what not. I think i now know when the sun hits our place and what time is best to shoot. At the moment i am thinking up some sweet locations and outfits for outfit/weekend shoots. We still have a lot of stuff to unpack in the spare room, but my boyfriend suggested that when it's all done, that we turn that room into a little studio for me, as well as an  office, where he does all his web development jazz. I got very excited about that prospect!

Stay posted today for the Wednesday ritual that is "HUMP DAY POST!", where i will be posting on something very, very rad!

My new pretty. Next on the the "need to pick up list"..a remote and tripod.

Header done by me.


  1. nooooooo, not a canon! lol

  2. I've got the equivalent but a Nikon....way better!!!


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