Thursday, July 29, 2010


1. Camilla Skovgaard shoes: I have mentioned her once before on my blog. However, i wore these at a fashion show last week and fell in love with them. They are AMAZING, the distinctive, jagged soles on these are so eye-catching. They are so soft and just a piece of art. I think a lot of people are sitting on the fence when it comes to her designs, i guess it just comes down to personal taste and style. But for me, they're right down my fashion alley. I enjoy a good pair of shoes, and these are what i call good shoes. Check out this online store for more of her designs. 

2. Balenciaga Paris: You should definitely take time to smell this perfume. It is divine. It is very pretty , not the same as every other scent out there . It has a hint of violet, not a strong violet..Just enough to know it's there.

3. Dove-grey nail polish: I love that it's not too dark like every other winter nail polish. Yet it's edgy enough to make a statement. I am a fiend when it comes to nail polish I love it. Always on the look out for a new colour! OPI is my go-to nail polish brand. Anything else i chip and budge within the first hour. Plus you don't need 1,00 coats to build up a good colour!

I thought i would share some of my loves. Have a fantastic night!



  1. that grey nail polish looks perfect, so what i need on my fingertips right now!

  2. It's called OPI "GIVE ME THE MOON". xx


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