Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They don't rise up, just descend.

So, with a new place comes new findings. I was used to the lighting and areas around my old apartment. So it has been fun and a challenge to find the right light  for my quick outfit or "new finds posts''. We have a balcony (jumps in excitement) at our new place, which basically has sun all day long . Also in the coming weeks a kickass camera is being purchased (Thank you tax return and the help of my boyfriend).

For those who have been following my blog from the start you know my love of designing unique pieces of apparel. But, for those of you who have only been following lately-I'm sure you will quickly realise this little fact about me. I won't be able to hide it from you.  I could never be stuck in an office job. I would literally go insane. I need to express myself in some way. I am yet to discover what i want to do. But, what i do know is what i don't want to do. I see myself working towards something- I'm only twenty, so i figure i have some time to play.

Here is a little jumper I made. Cute bow right? I have to get back into designing more often. I have been a little slack lately. But, now that i have a few things lifted off my shoulders, i can reorganise my life a little. So expect more.

I thought you deserved two posts today, as you have been ever so patient with me! Also: I have reached 100 posts!!



  1. what kind of paint did you use on this shirt?

  2. How do you get it to just dye that spot not the rest on the shirt?

  3. make sure the jumper is covered in the spots where i do not wish the dye to go.

  4. Verry Creative... Creative types should never be stuck behind a desk... Take it from me I'm only 19 and I've worked in a Finance institution for 18months after spending hundreds on button up shirts, pencil skirt and blazers, tying my hair up and being the youngest other employee by 15 years is nooo fun!! its hell!

    Cant wait to see more of your designs!

  5. yay im, sort of, finally in here! glad to see you back ally! i missed ur blogs! and have fun with your new camera!!


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