Friday, July 9, 2010


 Dress-Mink Pink Bracelet- Boutique in Brisbane

Wooo! An outfit post. I am a denim wearer. I love denim. I wear it almost everyday. You could even say i am denim crazy. Today was a slow day. I woke with a migraine, so just took it easy. It was rather annoying actually, as there are a lot of things i needed to get down today, as it's my only day off this week. We move into our new place over the next week or so i needed to start packing! Have a rad weekend! I have a photoshoot tomorrow that i am very excited about!


Photo: By Jonathan.


  1. you have some wonderful height in the second photo - i love <3

  2. Thanks James! Ps follow my blog!

    Thanks Nicole. Loving your blog and your vintage finds! Glad you're still reading mine :-) xx

  3. Look how high you are! High as the sky!!! Love that denim dress!!


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