Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday was such a fun day. I shot with Daniel Sangermani and Jacquie Green from RED ECLIPSE PHOTGRAPHY. We shot many different looks and finished with some very, very awesome shots. It was so great working with them. We had such an understanding with each other. Which is what you want bewteen a model and a photographer. You don't want to have to be placed, you want to inspire them so they get the shot they are after.  Carla Sakrzewski (make-up) and Reichen Hodsdon (Hair stylist) are incredibly talented at what they do. They pulled the looks together. They're superstars! I was very tired by the time i got back to the coast, but it was worth it! Now the hardest part! Jacquie ansd Dan are selecting and editing the images! Can't wait to see the end product. Keep Posted!

Photos of behind the scenes: Courtesy of Dan's Iphone and a few taken by myself.


  1. amazing makeup!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Michaela. I loved it. It was such a fun shoot. x

  3. You look great! Beautiful model you are!! Looks like a fun shoot!


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