Monday, July 19, 2010

Jules & Roc

Jules & Roc. 

Jules & Roc are a cute boutique store. They stock many leading brands such as: Shakuhachi, Nicola Finetti, Bec & Bridge, Cohen et Sabine, Lucette, White Suede, PeepToe Shoes, Nude, Skin By Nude, Guess, Neo and more... They're located in Brisbane,  but my readers from interstate don't fret because you can't make it to the store. They also can be found online. To keep updated with sales and what not, you can visit their facebook also!

Photos: Red Eclipse
Model: Myself.


  1. are you a legitimate model? i just noticed that most of your photos are implied high fashion shoots, but they're taken by your boyfriend or yourself. you're taking the 'desperate model' role to new levels, way beyond wannabe. oh, and tacky blonde hair with big black eyebrows was so 30 years ago!
    hope your new camera serves your portfolio well, good luck!

  2. Implied by who? You? That's adorable!

  3. To Anonymous
    We can vouch for Alex being a GREAT model. We worked with her on a couple of occasions and not only her look is stunning, but she has the moves and all the qualities to make it.
    Feels to me like someone is taking it out cause of jealousy issues...


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