Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's only the beginning


I know i am strictly a fashion blog. Well, that is what i told myself when i initially started this little project. I didn't want to be a blog that didn't have direction, or be a blog that just posted on anything.  But, the way i see it, you need other influences to be able to be "fashionable". So this is where the art world comes into play with my blog. You need the art world to help you know what works and what doesn't. After all putting an outfit together is an art form in itself.  For example: You mix textures, mix colours and tones, clash colours, mix prints, layer upon layer and in the end what you have created is a unique interpretation of your personality and personal style. A piece of art, essentially. Trends are usually made by people, who on different levels get involved with different artistic environments. This is why i like to find new artists or even post on old favourites and tonight, on this cute tattoo i stumbled across on Cobrasnake and also one i do not know where i found it. By enthralling myself into the art world it broadens my perspective on the fashion world. It helps me push the boundaries, between ordinary and extraordinary. And I love that. I love fashion and I love art, I always have and as far as I can tell, I always will.

I find it hard to know what tattoo to get. I only have one, but i want more. It's just too hard to make your mind up. I like looking at other peoples tattoos as they tell a story about the person. I have a fascination with sleeves at the moment.


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