Saturday, September 18, 2010

The future's so bright, i gotta wear Mink Pink shades.

Today i discovered Mink Pink's Sunglass range when i was out shopping. Have I been living under a rock or have they only just released them? I tried on the "PAPARAZZI" in leopard print (of course) and they were so, so, so cute. I think i will go back and buy them cos they were quite cheap and i do love a good pair of sunglasses whatever the price may be.


  1. The girl modelling these shades is my good friend Kate, she's cute.

  2. where do they sell mink pink sunglasses? i never even knew they made them!

  3. Hey Amanda,

    Are you from australia? If not check this site-



  4. Hey Ally,

    What shop did you buy these shades from? I have been looking everywhere for them, and all the online stores I have visited are sold out!

    Think I have discovered these a little too late!


  5. Hey Zoey,

    Umm, a place in Sydney and the Gold coast called "Cupcake" sell them. As does CityBeach and other boutiques. Online a site called AND

    Hope this helps!



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