Friday, September 3, 2010


I have been in quite the debacle today. I had so many thoughts as to what i should post on. I think I sent myself a little crazy. Actually, these images of Erin send me a little crazy. What a piece of art work this look book is. I know i could've posted these images long ago, but they have simply been sitting in my "inspiration folder" on my Mac. And it may be a little ironic posting them now, if the rumors are true (Erin and RVCA parting ways)...Though you can never believe the hype. My favourite aspect of this look book for RVCA X Erin Wasson Fall 2010 is the  juxtaposition of colours and black + white- so, so beautiful!

On another note. I simply love Erin. I'm not sure if i have told you that already.

She has it all:  She has a natural confidence, she styles many magazine shoots and runway shows for high-end designers, she's a supermodel, a designer, she has a jewellery line "Low Luv", which rocks, she's a major tattoo lover. But most of all she has impeccable style! She really is in a league of her own. Oh my god, her plate must be VERY full, with all her talents!

If i could choose one persons wardrobe to raid,  it most definitely would be hers. And i mean raid everything, because quite simply Erin Wasson is a bona fide fashion icon...

Have a great weekend! Glad it's finally here. Peace.

I want to see "Tomorrow, when the war began". I hope it doesn't totally destroy the book. It probably will....


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