Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wheels and Doll Baby

I fell for this shirt on the Weekend. I don't often fall in love with clothes, but when i see something that totally has my name all over it, I make the exception.Who am I kidding? I constantly fall in love with clothes, shoes and anything pretty, basically.  Clothing is essential, so therefore you should own a lot of it. Well that's my theory anyway. Let me keep thinking it.

Wheels and Doll Baby is an Australian based label. For those who are reading and aren't aware of the label, think "Posh Punk and Parisian Scruff, to old world movie star glamour". The designer and owner of Wheels and Doll Baby, Melanie Greensmith is an absolute genius. As my mum always says "fashion always comes around full circle". And she's totally right. I'm seeing a lot of feminine shapes and 50's silhouettes around. Which is what Wheels and Doll Baby is all about.  I'm not a fan of the entire label, but i guess you get that with any brand. There's always guaranteed to be a few things you don't like or wouldn't wear. For example: They make some cool leather jackets and corset/bustiers. However i wouldn't wear the pencil skirts or capri pants- They're just not the style of clothing i like to wear. But, i still think the designs are beautiful. 

The shirt above with the skulls just may be a potential purchase from General Pants; if i decide spending $200 on a cotton shirt is a good decision.


  1. Oh, wow. Loving it! But you are right Alex, $200 for a shirt that might not go with the entire wardrobe? Might have to pass this time, as painful as it is!


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