Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Sunlight Disappears

Singlet: Wrangler, Pants: Vintage $5- and the sickest pants ever, Sunglasses: RayBan
Watch: Nixon, Necklace: My Jesus cross necklace :-), Shoesies: Wittner, Rings: Various places

I fell in love with these $5.00 pants. Initially it was the colour I loved. But then after trying them on there was nothing i didn't love about them. I soon discovered they fit perfectly (they fit my waist, didn't make me look like i had a huge ass, they tapered nicely on the legs and the cut is of the harem variety). I love the rad pattern on them, it adds an extra something something to them. So basically, to sum it all up I found the perfect pair of vintage statement trousers. 

As you all probably are aware, statement trousers-whatever the pattern maybe are "In"...I feel very lucky with my pair..As far as I can tell, no one else i know will be rocking these. The first time i wore these i had so many comments about where they could find a pair and my response was always the same. "Sorry, you wont be able to find these at any of the shops"...I love wearing unique things. I love knowing when I wear them i won't see ten girls wearing them too. After all, you do want to make a statement in them. Isn't that why they're called statement trousers?


Hope you have a great week.

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