Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who said a belt can't be worn as a necklace?

I'm never this brown. I am beyond pale. I walked to Broadbeach on the weekend to get breakfast and my shoulders got burnt; so instead of being pale with red shoulders I thought I'd fake tan so I just looked like i spent the entire day in the sun. It worked though. I got to work yesterday and everyone thought i had just had a years worth of sun in one day. My shoulders are still red, i just hope they don't peel! They sure are itchy.

I picked up the gold belt from an Op-shop down the coast for $2. I am fond of it. It's a statement piece that I am now wearing it as a necklace as well as a belt. There's no rules against that. I feel like a pharaoh when i am wearing it- all i need now is a Nemes and I'd be set. I'm having vintage withdrawals. I haven't been in weeks! The last time i went i didn't find any gems worth bringing home. Sigh.

I spent all day doing bits and pieces/ organising my life and munching on Violet crumbles and FROGHURT. I forgot how good that stuff was until the other day. Delicious. I'm about to endeavor out into the rain. Don't question why. I already know that's an insane idea- especially with the heavy thunder I can hear.

What fun things did you get up to?

PS- Evidence of how much rain there's been is how dirty the glass on my balcony is.



  1. you must check out the Op Shops near my house, I have like about 5 different ones, all in 5 minute proximity from each other, a Vinnies, a Salvos, RSPCA, Lifeline and a Animal Welfare League hehehe

  2. I may just take you up on that offer! :-)

  3. Love this. Innovative - I like. You are very beautiful girlie! Thank you for all the tips on Bermagui, I can't wait to get there...

    xo S

    PS - following you now.


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