Wednesday, March 30, 2011

clear spirit

It's amazing how fast the sky changes. I took these photos just as the sun was setting over Sydney ( except for the first image). They're only a couple of minutes apart. Even though I'm not the best flier, there is something extremely calming about these two images. I love the second image in particular. I love seeing the curvature of the earth and the deep orange sun against it. It's something you never get to see unless you're flying- so when you do see it you feel special.

I only just realised the other day my 26 year old sister has never been on a plane! She's coming up to see me in May and she is already nervous about flying. So hopefully these images calm her nerves.

Have a great Hump day girls and boys!


PS: I nearly named this post "crashing slow" (a Kylesa song), but decided that wasn't the best heading to go with a plane post- considering my sister hasn't flown. Ha ha.

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