Wednesday, March 23, 2011

paper walls

My friend and designer of label East of Grey (Kim Bailey) has an article published about her and her label in the recent issue of RBM magazine! Super proud of her- She going to go a long way with her cutting edge designs. Yours truly made an appearance in it as well. Kim came over yesterday and delivered the most beautiful dress for me to wear on my birthday...Oh and she came over with a full rolly rack of East of Grey clothes for me to choose from for me to borrow. She is the loveliest girl!!!



  1. Oh you are so spoilt! I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be! You look great in your East of Grey shots! Kim Bailey is a genius ;)

  2. Gorgeous - you, this, the whole lot. Will be checking the label out. Seeing as though we are co 'handsomers' we should be co blog friends too :)


  3. Thanks Kim! She really is a genius!

    RACH!!! Ah, definitely- it's official we're blog friends. Currently looking at your blog and spreading the love with bloglovin'. Definitely check the label out :-) xx


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