Sunday, March 6, 2011

what is your secret

Hey guys! How has your weekend been? Mine has been super lazy and I needed it! Seriously I don't think I could have conjured up the energy to do much more than: watch movies, eat, drink, eat some more, sleep,  hang out, go to the markets and drink coffee. Sometimes it's nice just to have a kick-back weekend. I think a lot of people take quiet time for granted.

We headed out to The Village Markets after a yummy breakfast of pancakes and strong coffee. I was rather disappointed by the markets today. We got there at about 11:15am and most of the stalls had started to pack up because of the shitty Gold Coast weather. Sigh. It saved me from spending money (which I should be saving), so I guess that is a bonus. I'm saving money because we're gonna head to Sydney for my 21st (it's 19 days away) and Jonathan's birthday is coming up as well. It's basically a given it's going to be terrible weather for The Village Markets- for months now it has rained on the first Sunday of the month. I took our camera to get cute photos of the stalls, but I didn't end up getting any. There just wasn't any point. So we took these instead- a little impromptu outfit post!

So now I am going to continue kicking back. I have a movie on in the background which I am going to post screen shots of later on this week. The styling is radical. You will love it. Skulls, Leather, bikes- Simply amazing.

Hat: Agent Ninetynine
Shorts: Gifted by Neuw
Top: Vintage
Watch: Nixon
Jewellery: Assorted
Shoes: Wittner
Bag: Vintage



  1. You should get me a pair of those shoes! I LOVE THEM!!! xx p.s your a little stunner ally!! miss u


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