Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little by little

While in Bondi on Sunday we took a visit to the local markets. I spotted this really wicked/ eclectic jewelery line called Betty + Cash. Jessica McMullen is the creative genius behind this industrial meets vintage range. She individually creates and hand makes all her jewelery, which makes for totally unique pieces. What caught my eye initially was the simplicity and the contemporary designs. Each piece I tried on was so wearable. I really hadn't seen such original, cutting edge designs in a while. Any rings, necklaces or bracelets I have seen lately has reminded me of other designs, nothing has been truly innovative!  The diamond series was my absolute favourite, especially the rings. I can't wait to head back to Bondi markets next time I'm in town!

If you're in Bondi next Sunday be sure to go and check Betty and Cash out! Or if like me you'll be no where near Bondi- head to their website here.


Photos edited by me- photos of products bettyandcash

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  1. oolala! loves it!

    p.s. received my dress in the mail! yeehaa! can't wait to wear it!
    thank youuuu


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