Tuesday, March 1, 2011

three musketeers

Here are some of the snaps from my girls weekend away with the two greatest girl in sydney.

A diet of peach vodka, pringles, sushi and our favourite vegetarian pasta, lots of laughs, Bondi, heat, Darling Harbour, yummy breakfasts, coffee, Lindt Chocolate cafe, Monorail hangs, Live Art, hangovers, markets, city, moved our mattresses on the floor to make a massive bed because it was more "partyfied"-even though accommodation was $700, late night pizza and kebab runs, losing money to the pokies, fire works,Harri leaving her phone on the gold coast when we left, started drinking on the plane to Sydney, obsession with Pringles got even worse, The Ivy, Realising The Ivy had no roof, Shots, Late nights.

But most of all we celebrated Emma's 21st in STYLE. Thanks girls again for a great weekend! And Em, I hope it was a weekend to remember!



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