Thursday, March 31, 2011

cut that city

Introducing a couple of new loves in my life.

1. Bobby Brown Powder: It's long wearing and I love the cute little compact.

2. YSL mascara: Absolutely amazing. This one in particular gives the "false" lash finish without having to spend hours getting that result. Have you all seen the so called "permanent" lashes a lot of girls are getting? I'm not a fan. Just a couple of coats of this baby will do you!

3. YSL Lipstick: Everyone needs a red lipstick and this one is like velvet on your lips. It's amazing how much a quick coating of red lipstick brightens your outfit. Just don't go wearing it on your teeth- that's never a good look.

4. M.A.C foundation: A staple of mine. Too scared to change brands. Studio fix is great as you can wear it light during the day and build it up at night.

5. Bobby Brown Primer: Smells so good I feel like eating it. Seriously. Oh and it makes your skin ultra smooth without making it oily! Make sure you opt for an oil free primer otherwise your face will look like you've dunked your face in a deep fryer. Eww.

6. Karen Walker robot necklace: Oh so cute. A keepsake that's for sure. I love having things you can look back on and say "I got this for my birthday". Thanks Jonathan.

7. Rings from the markets: I love these so much. Pretty sure I have worn them everyday since the 25th.


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  1. Predy sure your lashes are able to look false without even putting any mascara on since they're about 100m long! *envy*


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