Wednesday, March 9, 2011

crystal ball

I saw this face photographed in a lot of street style snaps. I then found out she is in fact a model. So, here you are, meet pink haired Charlotte Free (IMG models). I can't help but love this new up and coming model. I think it's the daring pink hair that has got my attention (how could it not?). At just 18 years old Charlotte is already making quite the name for herself. She has strutted the runway for the likes of Charlotte Ronson, Richard Chai Love, and United Bamboo.

There has definitely been a rise in the shorter models in the past year. Charlotte is only 5"7'- but she's not going to let that affect her. "You cant let what other people think affect the way you think. I get denied every single day of work. Do I let it bother me? Fuck, no. If I did, I wouldn't be here today. So many people think: "Why the F*** is SHE a model?! She is small with pink hair. UGH" And it makes me laugh. You must get used to the rejection and criticism and embrace it! If you do that, there will be no fear whatsoever".

Charlotte's positive attitude towards the modeling industry is impeccable. More people should have this mindset in their every day lives. Too many people these days care about what other people think, so they never reach their goals. People just need to realise- not everyone is going to support you or think you're amazing. It's up to you to realise these things about yourself, that's what is going to get you places. You are the only person stopping yourself.

I am loving Charlotte's personal style of band tees, black, chunky statement jewelery and fur coats. This style teamed with her pink hair makes her look like the new bad-ass chick on the block. I love seeing models who know how to dress. It gives you an insight into their personality, instead of just seeing the "blank canvas" they're meant to be.

What are your thoughts? I think we're going to be seeing her in a lot of editorials and advertising campaigns in the coming months. Her trademark pink hair is going to make sure of that.


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