Monday, March 7, 2011


With the crappy weather the Gold Coast had over the weekend, we found ourselves indoors watching movies most of Sunday. "1990 The Bronx Warriors" was one of the movies we watched. I loved the costumes/ styling so much I decided to take screen shots and show you all! The Skulls, leather jackets, Military jackets, aviators, chunky rings etc were to die for. It's my style to a tee!

I didn't really pay attention to the plot (so i can't really recommend you see it)- I was too busy thinking about the leather vests, leather jackets and drooling over the rings featured in the opening. A few D.I.Y projects have come to my mind after watching it. First stop Ebay for some more iron on patches. I just hope they make me look just as bad ass.

I love finding movies that inspire you.  I don't think enough credit is given to costume designers- they're the neglected heroes of the film making world in my opinion. So, kudos to Massimo Lentini for the wicked costume design even if i am recognising this 29 years after the film was produced.

As my mum always says "fashion always comes around full circle". And she's totally right. This movie is 29 years old this year and I am still in love with the clothing- as are a lot of guys and girls. Some fashion just refuses to die!

How sick are the skull bikes???

Happy Monday Lovers! This week is going to be a good week.


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