Thursday, March 31, 2011

master mind

Did you ever watch that movie "The Land Before Time" as a kid? For some weird reason it popped in to my head just before and then I found myself Googling it and before I knew it I was drawing pictures of dinosaurs eating my head. I didn't realise until now that George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg were executive producers of the films. Though I was only five or so when I saw them, so I'm certain I wouldn't have known who they were.

Anyhoo- A little off track there.  This post was meant to be about the rad shirt I am wearing/ stole from Jonathan for the night. This is now the third Megadeth shirt he owns and that I have stolen. The graphics are always super rad, so how could I not?



  1. ... and I don't even like Megadeth.

  2. i love it! it's special and not the same photos like always;)

  3. megadeth = fav band


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