Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dance little liar

Autumn is definitely here ( hell yeah)! It's chilly enough for me to wear a little jacket- and let me tell you I am ever so happy. I am so excited for winter clothing- I am so, so over my summer wardrobe. Autumn has bought me a great new range of colours so far. I am loving the burnt oranges, maroons and sandy camels. I am finding myself experimenting more with colours. I used to stick with colours that I knew were safe: think blacks, whites and neutrals. But I am having a lot of fun mixing things up. After all, how boring would I be if I never thought to leave the house in something new? I'm totally getting on board with autumn, lovers!

This weekend has been busy so far and tomorrow is going to be even more so. 6:30am call time for a fun little lookbook shoot. If you follow me on twitter you would have read that a little (or not so little) PYTHON snake may feature in the shoot. Let me tell you- I am absolutely petrified of snakes!!! Last time I saw one in the wild I think It took me a good day or so to get over the shock. So I will be sure to get some behind the scene shots of the snake and me If he decides to partake in the shoot. However, most of the photos will probably be of me crying.

It was mega hard to choose from today's photos! I loved so many of them. The bubbles made for some sick photos! I am a wicked bubble blower too. Basically a master now. We trekked out the back of the GC to take these and when I say trekked It took forever to find a clearing in the road to pull over, and then there was the rain. Never fear we got there eventually. Drives like that end up being awesome memories!

Dress worn as skirt: Vintage- Drowning in Decadence
Jacket: Vintage
Shoes: Ebay
Bubbles: I thought they used to be cheap, Woolies had other ideas.
Jewellry: Made by me
Belt: Vintage
Watch: Nixon

Have an awesome Saturday/ Sunday!!!!
See you on the flip side.


Photos: Jonathan


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