Saturday, September 3, 2011

Across the Universe

 So for the past couple of days I've been whinging to Jonathan that my House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses still hadn't arrived. Little did I know there was a slip from Australia Post in my letter box from the 31st of August - yes last Wednesday. At the place we live, normally the postman buzzes our intercom to come down and pick up our parcels, but for some reason he didn't this time. On Friday night I even sent the place I bought them from an email asking where they were (unbeknownst to me  they were actually at my post office waiting for me). Yesterday was a public holiday here (yay, three day weekend) so I couldn't pick them up until today! It was well worth the wait, as I am so in love with them!

Keep a look out for a new space for The Unknown Pleasures. It's going to look amazing, I promise! Have an awesome weekend guys!

(Photos by me. Wearing: Neuw Tee, Karen Walker earrings and necklace, Tiffany and Co bracelet and House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses)



  1. wow amazing photos! those sunnies are awesome, haha that sucks you had to go through all that trouble but i bet it was worth it!

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  2. wow you look amazing!not everbody could pull off those shades but you definitely can.x

  3. Well worth the wait! They are absolutely FAB on you. And the background is so preeety!

  4. ahh that first photo is amazing. Where did you find this background?

  5. Thanks guys!

    Liss: I just did it in photoshop. x

  6. oh wow. I thought you must of projected a movie up on the wall. hehe. looks very cool!

  7. You are an absolutely stunner and the sunglasses are amazing!

    <3 Olivia x


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