Friday, September 23, 2011

A small adventure

Some photos from Port Macquarie and Forster.
Enjoy the scenery- isn't it magical?

Ally XX
Outfit: Neuw Jeans, Toi et Moi tank, Von Zipper shirt, Beanie made by my Gran, H.O.H sunnies, Style Nanda shoes, Vintage bag, Breo watch


  1. Beautiful shots! You're styling is really making me come round to platform sneakers!
    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

    p.s. please do pop by The Spring and join in our Aussie bloggers link party!

  2. You are the only girl I've seen make creepers look SUPER awesome. I'm going to forster in 2 weeks, YAY! It looks wonderful!

  3. AWWW, thanks J. You will love it! it's so pretty! xxx

  4. oh how i love both these places. im currently on uni placement in port & nothing beats ending the day with a run around the beaches.
    love your beanie, the colour is gorgeous! such a chic look.x


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