Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday inspiration

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Lately Jonathan and I have both been talking about wanting to buy a house. We both have really similar style on how we like to decorate places. And we are constantly changing things around in our current apartment - making sure we keep things interesting and fun. These photographs caught my eye - especially the warehouse photos.

Our dream house is a renovated warehouse with high ceilings, polished cement or rustic floor boards, lots of exposed brick and ceiling to floor windows. Open plan living would be really cool too, kind of like on the movie "St Elmo's Fire".

It makes me want to work extremely hard over the next year or two so this dream of ours comes true.



  1. love warehouse type places!! I have friends in Melbourne who lived in a studio warehouse, so amazing!!
    and it was in an old wool factory in Melbourne turned into apartment. bit harder to find places like that up here. :(

    my dream place used to be an old church turned into an home, with one of those loft type bedrooms. or an old victorian. but I think now Id be happy with an old queenslander.

  2. That's a fantastic goal hunni! I wish you all the best in reaching it - and I know you will! How exciting :-)


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