Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hair inspiration

I'm getting my hair cut like this, this week. And probably really blonde as well. Or maybe not, I only just thought of the maintenance! Though having to get my hair done every three weeks means head massages... I can't wait to get this cut - it will be so liberating! Then after this cut I think I will finally go back to long brown hair (my natural colour) - I'll have all the hair cuts and colours out of my system by then.



  1. Wow that's a bold haircut! My hair is so stubborn it probably wont curl nicely like that! I decided to just get a pixie rather than anything too challenging for my hair. Can't wait to see pictures Ally!

    Nora Finds

  2. Can honestly say that cutting my hair short was the best decision ever. Annoyingly it seems to grow fast, so yeah, you have to cut it regularly/get your roots done more often. But it's totally worth it. You'll love it and it'll look amazing on you!


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