Friday, September 9, 2011

Spring road trip

(Vintage lace skirt, Tiger Lily skirt, Neuw Jeans, Lee shorts, Shakahachi shorts, Mink Pink tee, Neuw tee, Toi et moi tank, One Teaspoon Tee, Vintage dress, Von Zipper acid shirt, Vintage jumper, Seafolly bikini gift from Sunburn, Style Nanda shoes, TUK creepers, JC Litas, Assorted Hats)

I find it very hard to narrow down the clothes I choose to go away with. Even though I have taken photos of "what I am packing", I bet when It comes down to it, I won't pack some of it and I'll find something else I'd prefer to take...Or, I will pack this and much, much more. (lucky we're not flying this time)

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW AND THE NEXT TEN DAYS! We've downloaded all our tunes, camera is charged, I'm off to buy us some essential road trip snacks today, we're not booking any accommodation and we're ready to cruise! Bring it on!

When we get back, it's all systems go for the store and for my new blog layout. So get pumped - we sure are.




  1. yay! oh look at all those tops. I love them. and the bio-oil, is that a moisturiser?

  2. Wow have lots of fun! I envy you so much!


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