Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My brother was overseas for nine months at the start of the year and only got back in July. He is a band manager, so he spends a lot of his time abroad...Worked out perfectly for me though, as he bought all my 21st presents from around the globe! (Even though my birthday is in March - I just got to unwrap a pressie from him!!). It was this beautiful Parisian scarf. It can be worn like a normal scarf - but I have been wearing it as a head scarf!

To follow up on my hair inspiration post: I have decided to grow my hair longer. My brothers wedding is in March and I want long hair for it!

Thanks again Mondo and soon to be Mrs Carey.



  1. i cant believe you're only 20! you look waaaaaay older. (but in a good way!) beautiful scarf too.x

  2. such a pretty scarf! I like to wear my scarves as head scarves too. Your brothers job sounds amazing, how does one even get a job like that?


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