Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All vintage...

All Vintage
An outfit from my road trip!

(Dress and Jumper Vintage, Shoes Sportsgirl, Bag vintage gift from my brother, Rings assorted)
These photos were taken by Jonathan in Sydney where we stayed. 

Our holidays have been so incredibly amazing the past few days. We've seen some really, really nice parts of NSW. It's been awesome to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and not have anything to worry about.

We took our time on the way down south and stopped at cute towns along the way. We stayed overnight in Port Macquarie (I'd  never been there before), and then ventured on to Sydney. We're currently in Narooma, NSW, visiting my parents for a couple of days (thanks for the internet mum haha). It is the first time since leaving four years ago that the nostalgia has truly kicked in - it will be sad to leave tomorrow morning.

So today is Wednesday and it marks the midway point of our little/massively long road trip. Tomorrow it's back up to Sydney, then to the Central coast Saturday and lastly back to Queensland Sunday! Far out that's been a few Kilometres, thank god for Ipods)

Hope your weekend and week has been fun!

Ally XX


  1. Hope you enjoyed Sydney! It's getting nicer now that spring has finally come! I love that dress, you can't beat vintage when it comes to prints like that!

  2. Oh you look so comfy and happy in your little vintage outfit - there is nothing like a well worn item of clothing :-)


  3. you look lovely! x


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