Monday, February 28, 2011

project five

I have had the worst blogging withdrawals! I am so used to blogging on a daily basis that when I don't I have similar symptoms to a drug addict coming off drugs. But I promise I am back!

I have been away for a few days in Sydney with some friends! I have lots of photos to show you and there are lots of stories to be told.

These images are from a live art event called Project Five. The event took place at Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney! We stumbled across it by accident. We were actually going to feast on some macaroons from the Lindt chocolate cafe and this was out the front! Score! It was super rad to see the artists in action. There were four artists featured in this little project: Kid Zoom, James Jirat Patradoon, Deb and Ghostpatrol. All the artists work was amazing but my favourite was Ian Strange aka Kid Zoom's skull (of course). Kid Zoom is an Australian Urban Artist based in New York. I researched his work when I got home and it is all kinds of cool. Apologies for the crappy iPhone quality photos- other photos are yet to be uploaded/edited etc. So bare with me!!!  aMBUSH Gallery will auction these groundbreaking works on Thursday 3rd of March between 6-9PM- So if you're in Sydney I'd suggest you head on over to Waterloo!

I am off to nap the afternoon away! I feel like i haven't slept for days. That's nearly not an exaggeration.

PS: Check out Kid Zoom's blog here.


Friday, February 25, 2011

one way window

Nirrimi | We live young

I am in love with this image. I have been for a while- but i thought i'd share it with you.

It's mine and Jonathan's 3 and a half year anniversary today! Yay for us. 


Thursday, February 24, 2011

obsessed with the excess

HOLY SH*T. HOLY SH*T.  Currently hyperventilating- these shoes are rad, impractical, but rad nonetheless.

Shoe and accessory designer Gabriela Marina Gonzalez is based in London, UK. And she is a goddess.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lets play the blame game

I made lots of little skull bracelets for my boyfriend to wear. Cute.

- I am not making these anymore, sorry guys!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Winner of East of Grey dress!

And the Winner of the GORGEOUS EAST OF GREY dress is Joelyne, the girl behind The Sydney Girl

Congrats Joelyne!!!

Love from Kim and Ally


made by ally

Unknown Pleasures Skull Earrings


I made some new jewelry over the weekend. These gorgeous earrings are only a sneak! To view more go to The Unknown Pleasures Facebook,  here.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

lake of fire

 Drowning in Decadence- Lace Dress
Assorted Jewelry
Headband from leopard dress (3rd lot of photos)

Drowning in Decadence- Floral dress
Assorted Jewelry
Tony Bianco boots

Drowning in Decadence- Leopard dress
Joes Jeans wedges
Assorted Jewelry

(Read the "Drowning in Decadence" post first, as this post continues on from it.)

I borrowed a couple of  vintage dresses from my friend Megan to style and shoot a fun little outfit post. All three are so, so cute- It will be sad to give them back! All three dresses are up for sale.
Hope you all have had a super fun weekend. I am so tired :-(



Saturday, February 19, 2011

The king of limbs

Dress: vintage, Rings: Assorted, OPI nail applications

So, these are the little O.P.I nail applications I got the other day. They went on like a treat. I thought for some reason it was going to take me a while and that the plastic would bubble- kind of like when I used to cover my school books with contact. I would stick it to every available surface before it made it on the cover of my books. Pretty sure I made my sister Bec cover my books a lot of the time, for that very reason. But she lives 15 hours away from me now so she couldn't help me out with my nails. So I am proud to say I did it all myself. Ha. Though maybe I should pretend I couldn't do it without her so she moves closer to me!

I will definitely buy these little sugar skull applications again. They're super cute and a quicker option to nail polish.

Have a wicked Saturday/Sunday! Thank you all so much for reading and following The Unknown Pleasures, it really means a lot to me.


Photo taken by me

Friday, February 18, 2011

Drowning in decadence

I wanted to show you these photos without giving too much away of my weekend outfit post.

My friend Megan owns a Vintage store called Drowning in Decadence. She finds the cutest bits and pieces for guys, girls and the kiddies. Megan loves to scourer Vintage and Antique shops for unique clothing with character & flair. You can find her selling her rad pieces at The Village Markets on the first Sunday of every month in Burleigh and of course on the Drowning in Decadence Facbook page, here. Her prices are great so you would be silly not to stop by!

Also: At the moment Megan has a little GIVEAWAY happening! A drool worthy vintage Oroton bag is up for grabs. My suggestion? Jump on to Facebook fast,  suggest her page to 5 of your friends and then let her know by posting on her Facebook wall! The lucky winner will be drawn tomorrow morning- So you better be fast.

Come check back in to see what these gorgeous pieces look like in full!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

black gives way to blue

These are the hands and shoes of my friend Shari. Nothing weird here, but for privacy reasons her face can't be shown, she's a dentist. I kid, she's not actually (On that note did you ever understand those dentist ads?). She's actually really cool- too cool for photographs. Except that one time I did manage to take some snaps of her: check that post here.

Shoes by the shoe god. Rings from Various places.

I like that she managed to colour coordinate her shoes to my carpet. I probably wouldn't have let her in if they clashed.

I received some exciting news today-  I can't wait to share with you!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When the sun rose

Happy Hump Day lovers.

Introducing We Are Handsome.

When I view the collections from Australian swimwear label We Are Handsome- I don't just see great cuts,  rad designs and a mixture of colourful goodness . I see the artwork and the fine detailing that would go in to the production of the swimwear line. I find that a lot of brands don't place enough love and thought in to the production of their line of clothing anymore. They seem to settle with near enough is good enough. Modern textiles just isn't the same. Sigh.  So it is refreshing that We Are Handsome is 100% Australian designed and Australian sewn. You know you are receiving the best when the designers; Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers are so passionate about their craft.

My favourite designs are the scoop back, full pieces. What's even better is that I would get wear out of these babies away from the surf and sand. They are so versatile! You would definitely see me in The African and The Arabian scoop back on the streets for that distinctively different look. I'm not one to shy away from bold prints as you already know!!

Their newest collection, entitled "Aviary", features lots of feather prints inspired by mythical birds. It is their best to date! I love the warm colours and I think it is wicked that every piece is placement printed (Yay for not wearing the exact same print as everyone else). The bad thing is you have to wait one more month for it to hit the stores. In the mean time be sure to check their sexy suits from the Spring '11 collection here. Here's to hoping for a second summer..Or at least one summer here in Queensland. Fingers crossed those clouds don't burst for another few months! I'm buying a new Mal on the weekend, so to look like the most stylish kook- I better grab me some We Are Handsome swimmers. At least I can look hot and me falling off my board won't seem so bad.

Be sure to watch this cute little vid as well!

We Are Handsome - The Aviary 2011 (HD) from We Are Handsome on Vimeo.

Director: Jeremy Somers Editor: Neale Irwin Model: Lorene Renard Photographer: Sebastian Kriete Makeup: Rachel Montgomery Hair: Emma Haddock Styling: Jess Kilich Music: 'Sunny' by Twinset

PS: And here's a heads up for Gold Coaster's, you can pick up pieces from Aqueous in Coolangatta.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All is love

Consumerism this. I'd be blogging and working in the wrong industry if i worried about consumerism. I celebrate Valentine's Day. Any excuse to give and receive gifts has a big red tick from me. Here are a couple of my pressies from my boy. The hat was a joint present for each other- as we both love a good hat. We made a few things for one another too..Plus i got an owl card. My fav!

Hope your secret and not so secret admirers made you feel special on Love Day.

Al aka Owl (now you know why owls are my favourite).

Monday, February 14, 2011

The hills have eyes

Make sure you read all the text! Tells the story behind these photos.

So, basically these photos were taken at a typical set of a horror movie (pretty much a demolished, abandoned house in a place we had never been before). We watch so many horror movies, that in my head it seemed like something bad was going to happen to us. I was on edge the entire time we were at this property, so i'm surprised we got good photos! In a lot of the in between shots I looked like I was going to pee my pants. I had the most troubled expression on my face. I kept expecting someone to run out with a knife or hold us captive because we were trespassing where they were squatting.

Towards the end of shooting, two cars rocked up. I was stressing out- because it's not a place to hang out at all, but they looked like they were setting up camp. They parked behind our car and started beeping their horn. I kept saying to Jonathan, "what are they gonna do?". I think I was just assuming the worst because I already had a picture in my head about this place. It was just strange though because the dudes go out of their cars and went to the boot and then they took their shirts off. I'm thinking to myself, "great they're tough guys and they're mad they can't get past our car, so they're probably reaching for a crow-bar as we speak". In hindsight I know that's pretty ridiculous- but when you're in that environment, your mind thinks up some extraordinary things.

The place was so bloody eerie. You can see the extremity of the the destruction in the photo above. Everything was broken. Graffiti everywhere. I guess this proves the "broken window effect" to be a fact. It's just weird to think someone has just abandoned a house in a not so secluded area. It's only a 20 minute drive west of the Gold Coast.

This whole outfit post was such an adrenaline rush. On the drive home, I was saying how exciting and awesome the experience was. It's funny how your brain does that, you can be scared one minute, but as soon as you're removed from the situation it becomes a great encounter. Though, having said that I'm in no rush to get back to the house.

The funny thing is- the dudes that rocked up are probably telling a similar story. "There were a guy and chick at the house when we rocked up. The girl was in this pretty pink dress, high heels and some sort of floral head wear. Who wears that in the middle of no where, not to mention at an abandoned house? I think she was a touch over dressed". "And why was they guy following her with a camera".

Assorted jewellery

Yesterday was the best day I have ever had. Was a really, really busy day but it was so awesome. I went op shopping, went to Bunnings, went shopping, got some wrays, went for a drive, shot these, went out for dinner, go drunk, walked home in the rain. Positive, happy energy all round!

Hope you all had a super rad weekend.

Happy Valentines Day!


Photos: My kickass Valentine, Jonathan.

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