Thursday, March 31, 2011

master mind

Did you ever watch that movie "The Land Before Time" as a kid? For some weird reason it popped in to my head just before and then I found myself Googling it and before I knew it I was drawing pictures of dinosaurs eating my head. I didn't realise until now that George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg were executive producers of the films. Though I was only five or so when I saw them, so I'm certain I wouldn't have known who they were.

Anyhoo- A little off track there.  This post was meant to be about the rad shirt I am wearing/ stole from Jonathan for the night. This is now the third Megadeth shirt he owns and that I have stolen. The graphics are always super rad, so how could I not?


cut that city

Introducing a couple of new loves in my life.

1. Bobby Brown Powder: It's long wearing and I love the cute little compact.

2. YSL mascara: Absolutely amazing. This one in particular gives the "false" lash finish without having to spend hours getting that result. Have you all seen the so called "permanent" lashes a lot of girls are getting? I'm not a fan. Just a couple of coats of this baby will do you!

3. YSL Lipstick: Everyone needs a red lipstick and this one is like velvet on your lips. It's amazing how much a quick coating of red lipstick brightens your outfit. Just don't go wearing it on your teeth- that's never a good look.

4. M.A.C foundation: A staple of mine. Too scared to change brands. Studio fix is great as you can wear it light during the day and build it up at night.

5. Bobby Brown Primer: Smells so good I feel like eating it. Seriously. Oh and it makes your skin ultra smooth without making it oily! Make sure you opt for an oil free primer otherwise your face will look like you've dunked your face in a deep fryer. Eww.

6. Karen Walker robot necklace: Oh so cute. A keepsake that's for sure. I love having things you can look back on and say "I got this for my birthday". Thanks Jonathan.

7. Rings from the markets: I love these so much. Pretty sure I have worn them everyday since the 25th.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

happy birthday!

Wearing: D.I.Y jumper

Yesterday was Jonathan's birthday- So i took photos using the sparklers we bought. Wicked effect.

clear spirit

It's amazing how fast the sky changes. I took these photos just as the sun was setting over Sydney ( except for the first image). They're only a couple of minutes apart. Even though I'm not the best flier, there is something extremely calming about these two images. I love the second image in particular. I love seeing the curvature of the earth and the deep orange sun against it. It's something you never get to see unless you're flying- so when you do see it you feel special.

I only just realised the other day my 26 year old sister has never been on a plane! She's coming up to see me in May and she is already nervous about flying. So hopefully these images calm her nerves.

Have a great Hump day girls and boys!


PS: I nearly named this post "crashing slow" (a Kylesa song), but decided that wasn't the best heading to go with a plane post- considering my sister hasn't flown. Ha ha.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fire and Flame

A collection of photos from Friday the 25th | My Birthday

My Birthday consisted of:
✝ Beautiful breakfast
✝ Opening presents
✝ Ferry ride into the city   
✝ Lunch at Aria (OH MY GOSH WAS IT BEAUTIFUL!!)                
✝ Shopping
✝ Circular Quay
✝ Too much food
✝ Lots of champagne
✝ Hanging with Jonathan and friends
✝ Walking around exploring
✝ Staying in Manly with a view overlooking the harbor

✝ Lots of other fun memories
✝ Lots of laughs
✝ Drunkenness...Celebrating my 21st in style

( this list is just one day..So many more exciting things happened)

Me- East of grey dress, Pulp shoes, Mimco and Tiffany bracelet, Ray bans, Nixon watch
J- Flux jeans, Wranger singlet ( Sample singlet), vintage shirt, etnies shoes

Monday, March 28, 2011

The moment I said it

Jeans: cheap monday, Jumper: Wrangler, Shoes: Pulp, Bra: Loveable, Necklace Karen Walker

Arrrgh, blogging withdrawals!!!

I have so many photos and stories to share with you all. But right now I am enjoying just relaxing. I thought I would post a couple of shots- I know it's not much but It is something.... These are from breakfast the morning of my birthday!

I have had the best time of my life the past few days! Holidays are the best things EVER! Such a whirlwind trip, but totally worth it! We wish we could be on a constant holiday, that would be the life.

Check back for my photo diary post.


PS: This is the view from our room!! Amazing, right?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

See you soon

Self Portrait | 2011

I'll be back on either Tuesday or Wednesday. See you soon! YAY! Birthday is tomorrow. As my Dad said to me yesterday "I think you're always gonna be excited for your birthday- even when you're fifty"

Do you like my drawing I did of myself?

Leave me some love!


Blue light

Above: I told you Kim came over with a rolly rack filled with goodness!

 Above: Sneak Peek at what I have packed and a gift from Kim 

Thought I'd quickly post these! Now I am off to the Airport. Love to you all. Be good while I'm away.



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

paper walls

My friend and designer of label East of Grey (Kim Bailey) has an article published about her and her label in the recent issue of RBM magazine! Super proud of her- She going to go a long way with her cutting edge designs. Yours truly made an appearance in it as well. Kim came over yesterday and delivered the most beautiful dress for me to wear on my birthday...Oh and she came over with a full rolly rack of East of Grey clothes for me to choose from for me to borrow. She is the loveliest girl!!!