Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wish list

1. Pamela Love- SS 2011 collection
2. Whitesands. I LOVE THEIR BIKINIS!

I have been such a good girl and I haven't had much on my wish list lately....But all that is behind me.

I couldn't resist sharing these little numbers with you.

I've been up since 6am, but i figured i owed you a post. Even if it means losing one more hour of seriously needed beauty sleep.

I will have some cute photos to share from tonight's shoot soon! Plus My giveaway will be starting ( fingers crossed) by tomorrow!


Monday, November 29, 2010


Hair: Ruth Read
Photographer: Israel Rivera
BTS Shots: MISSY @ Kohii

My friend Ruth entered the Australian Hair Fashion Awards and she has since been chosen as a finalist. I Thought I would share her amazing creations with you plus a couple of the behind the scene shots!

Happy Monday peeps. I am getting way too excited for the next couple of weeks!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Alexander McQueen, Kermit Tesoro’s sculpted skull heels are pure genius. I freaking love these.
They are awesome. I know they've done their bit around blogs etc in July, but I am still in love with them nonetheless. What are your thought?

Ally x

PS-Illustration done by me

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thursday night outfit post. Enjoy.

Stockings socks D.I.Y,  Dress from the Markets in Brisbane ( South Bank), Shoes from shopbop, Jewels from the markets and D.I.Y necklace I made two seconds before leaving the house tonight, wind on cue courtesy of a windy Queensland night, Photos courtesy of J: I have the greatest boyfriend ever. I sort-of-kind-of-made-him-take-these. So thank you for spending a few minutes out of our night to take them!


A xo

You can hold me to that.

1. Napoleon Perdis in Empress
2. Sportsgirl in Caramel
3. Sportsgirl in Nude
4. Chi Chi in Cute baby pink

Few of my favs lately. I am normally a nude or dark nail polish wearer, but these two shades of pink are perfect.

Photo taken by me.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sass & Bide sale

Sass & Bide have reduced some of their most popular styles by 50% - 70%, so come check it out! I sure will be!

Thursday 2nd December: 12pm - 9pm
Friday 3rd December: 10am - 6pm
Saturday 4th December: 10am - 5pm
Sunday 6th December: 10am - 3pm

Hall 4 - Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Cnr Gold Coast Highway & TE Peters Drive
Gold Coast, Australia

Who Killed Bambi

Hey guys!

How was your day today? Mine was hell until 3pm, but then it improved immensely.

Good news was given to me today...I can't wait to share it with you all! Super exciting.

Only one photo as we had a bit of a problem with the flashes! The silly batteries died just when we needed them! But oh well, I hope you like this one!

I made some little icons for my facebook and twitter- but putting them on here is a job for another night!

Have a good one,

Photo taken by J.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hey guys!

Sorry that the last couple of day has been slow! I have been very busy! But I promise I will make it up to you! Starting with an outfit post tomorrow afternoon/tomorrow night!

Until then, enjoy these links:

  • Hill of crosses. This is really cool. The number of crosses on this hill is unknown. Estimate of 100,000 in 2006.
  • Etsy! I love that things are cheap! So many people sell cool things on Etsy! These rings are pretty cool!
  • Daydream lily. More than just pretty pictures. I love her style of blogging. She just did a collaboration with Element. I saw a couple of the pieces yesterday. They're cool!
  • Ever wondered how many movies use the "no signal" line....check out this Youtube video. WE laughed a little.
  • Online boutique.
  • Kelly Smith. I never get sick of looking at her artwork.
  • Another cute find on Etsy. I really want these for Xmas! Or to give them to someone for Xmas!

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    Wildfox Spring 2011

    Viva La France
    Wildfox Spring 2011
    Photographer: Emir Eralp
    Models: Jennifer Pugh, Naty Chanbanenko, Daria Zhemkova  Make up: Carlene K
    Styling: Emily Faulstich, Kimberley Gordon, Meredith Leyerzaph
    Hair: Marki Shkreli

    Popping up on every fashion blog is the new Wildfox Spring Lookbook. The recently released lookbook is jam packed with photos and great styling! There were too many photos to post- So if you wish to see the full lookbook, click here

    I love the collection. I love that they have mixed street and girly styles with the Marie Antoinette, Marie Jos├ęphine and Maria Elizabeth inspired hair and make-up. It funnily all works well together! Emir Eralp has done an amazing job of capturing the clothing and also the essence of what Wildfox is all about. All in all a great lookbook and probably my favourite from Wildfox to date.

    Hope you had a great weekend


    Photos courtesy of Wildfox.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Ouick interview with Rach of stylestaker

    Rachel from stylestalker sent through these photos on Wednesday and I thought it would be cute to team them with a little interview about Desert fox, styling and the fashion industry!

    How cute does Bambi look? The photos are taken by Zanita (blogger and photographer)- and how amazing are they? She truly is talented!

    It's so hard to pick a favourite piece! I pretty much want to own everything from this collection! But after looking at these photos for two days i think i have finally found my favs!

    Hope you enjoy the interview.

    Q:What inspired you to get into fashion design/ How did you get into fashion design?

    A: Susie and I went to uni together and later job-shared at an advertising agency. We were constantly ‘stylestalking’ looking through magazines,  scouring the web, and shopping up a storm on overseas trips together in places like morocco and London. At the time we just couldn’t find the things we loved at a price we could afford so we decided to start a label for girls like us- designer quality pieces at affordable prices. We had no formal training or background in fashion so we taught ourselves everything. It was a huge task and we’re still learning so much but we’re still so passionate about what we do that we look forward to getting better every season.

    Q: Can you tell us about your new collection "Desert Fox", talk us through the pieces. Do you have any favourites?

    A: The collection was inspired by a road trip through Arizona and New Mexico, and the artist Georgia O’Keefe who painted those landscapes. So the colors are really sun-drenched, with accents of gold. We also have a neutral-hued python print, and embroidered scorpions and bugs. We love doing little body-con dresses but this season we mixed it up with some oversized tees and wide-leg pants.

    My faves are the snakebite leggings, jackal dress, mirage tank and hornet tee.

    Q: What are some of your favourite labels here in Australia?

    A: We love Australian labels Ellery, Josh Goot, Dion Lee, One Teaspoon, Willow and Sass & Bide.

    Q: How would you both describe your style?

    A: Exactly like our collections! We design for ourselves mostly haha

    Q: What high fashion designers are you inspired by?

    A: Pucci,  A McQueen, Proenza, Wang

    Q: Who inspires you in everyday life?

    A: Sue-Ann! Haha no but really.

    Q: What advice do you have for a young woman who wants to be a fashion designers?

    A: Intern, intern, intern!

    Q: Finally, do you have any fashion advice or styling tips you could give to my readers? If we invest in one thing this season, what should it be?

    A: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes- fashion is just one big game of dress ups!
    The mirage tank is pretty ‘wow’!


    Thanks Rach for the images and for taking the time to answer some questions!

    You can check out and buy your favourites here!


    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Bloody Sabbath

    You may remember this post: Head's in the cloud...

    Well, the Black Sabbath tee featured in the photographs has now been attacked with scissors and since been transformed into a swimmer top. Or a "bralet" that can be worn in summer under a over sized singlet.

    I love rock tees, so it only seemed perfect to transform one... I brain stormed a couple of ideas, but this one stood out the most. I like that i can now a rock tee in a somewhat feminine way.

    I made a pattern for this little bralet..But i have already made changes to it. I guess you need to start somewhere. There's always room for improvement.

    It was quick to make! I think I'm going to make a few more so I have a few for summer! And i may even make bottoms too!

    PS: I am such a messy sewer. I have black thread EVERYWHERE!


    Photos taken by me.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    East of Grey

    Sneak Peek at East Of Grey's new line.
    More images to follow- Including the lookbook.
    Stay tuned

    Models: Me and Kirsty @ Dallys
    Makeup Artist - Jessica Cagney
    Hairstylist - Carly Danielle Mitchell
    Assistant Hairstylist - Candy Arenson
    Stylist - Kim Bailey
    Designer - East of Grey
    Photographer - Katriena Emmanuel