Monday, July 11, 2011

Faraway beach - photo diary

We had a whirlwind trip away to the Central Coast to see my parents, my sister and her boyfriend and little nieces. It was a weekend filled with so many laughs, massages, facials, wine, coffee, more wine, more coffee, lots of food and a toasty wood fire. When my family gets together we're guaranteed giggles galore and lots of performances from my 6 year old niece -  usually involving a lot of musical instruments played very loudly. Ha ha.

It was so nice to see everyone! Missing them all already! It was perfect weather the entire time we were down there - but it was soooo bloody cold compared to Queensland. I had more pics, but a lot of them have my nieces in them - and I don't want to put them on my blog for privacy reasons.

On the way back to Sydney we stopped in at Zara in the city quickly - but we had to make a flight home so we didn't have ample time to shop. We're gonna save that for our Sydney trip in August. 

Hope you all had a perfect weekend - whatever you got up to!

Ally XXX


  1. Sydney trip next month???? We are SO catching up ;-) If you have time of course.


    great photos from your trip btw!


  2. Love it! and miss you so incredibly much.


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