Friday, July 22, 2011

A gift

My Mum gave me this super sleek ORAN card holder a couple of weeks ago when we went down to visit. It is such a great little thing to keep all my cards organised in. I used to love large wallets with lots of compartment etc, but I have now found a love for simple, chic wallets. I find myself using this all leather card holder inside my small Mimco purse now on a daily basis instead of the other monstrosities I used as a teenager. I was going insane for a while as I would just throw all my cards in together and I could never find the one I was after! So now that problem is fixed!

Make sure you stop by the Oran website to see some of their other products.

Have a great Friday! I'll try and get some outfit shots over the next few days!


PS: Thanks again Mumma, I know you'll be reading this.
P.P.S: Mmm, I love the smell of leather. ( I can see lots of people killing me for saying that - SORRY)


  1. I love leather too. I got verbally attacked by a friend for wearing fur the other night. How do you feel about fur?


  2. I own a fur coat. But I can see why people do get upset about it. I guess I am of the opinion that each person should make a decision that suits themselves and not ridicule people who have an opposing view. Each to their own. :-)

  3. hey beautiful! I really enjoy your pictures and typefaces you start every post with. thank you for sharing! :)


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