Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I remember you

I couldn't even tell you the amount of time I have been looking for the softest black ripped jeans. It's been at least two winters. Some that I loved were the right fit but they were that hard, tough denim and the rips were a little more skank then fashion. Finally I realised I had these old black jeans from High School still. They were my favourite jeans in 2006-2007. Since then, they have faded to a charcoal colour from too much wearing and washing and I thought at the time it was silly to wear jeans that had faded that much. I thought that my friends and other people would know they were old. When we moved a few weeks ago I fell right back in love with them. This time I loved that they had faded, as I didn't want a pair of really dark black jeans. I wanted the faded look. I cut some slits and frayed them up and voila - I now have the perfect pair of ripped jeans and it didn't cost me any extra money. Yay for being a hoarder of clothes.

So here is a looked at my masterpiece. They are even more comfy then I remember, which I never thought was possible and when teamed with my Ksubi singlet I picked up from David Jones last weekend -  I am dressed head to toe in comfort. I seem to be doing that a lot lately...Dressing for comfort as well as style. I am still loving pops of red as well. I can't seem to go a day with out wearing my YSL lipstick. I think I have a serious addiction....Maybe it's time to go shopping for some cosmetics. What are your favourites at the moment?

I picked this scarf up op shopping not long ago. It reminded me of a Gucci scarf when i first lay eyes on it - but I bought it because of the colour. Gives that much required  pop of colour to this outfit.



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  1. What a lovely outfit, the red lips really suit your blonde hair!
    If you are looking for some cosmetics you have to try Nars sheer glow foundation it is seriously so amazing!


  2. i loove the first round picture of you! are the cuts in your jeans selfmade? beautiful post!

  3. Thanks Crosswire, I have never tried Nars but I may just give it a whirl.xx

    Hey Anna, Yes, I made the cuts in the jeans! Read over my post and you'll see! Thanks for your comment!xx


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