Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sunny sunny

Wednesday = editing photos, editing photos and editing photos.  Now I'm off to buy dinner goods, chocolate and post somethings at the post office. I really want to get back in to a regular fitness routine - without talking myself out of it daily. What are some fun things you guys do for fitness?

PS: Bright colours are my favourite at the moment. Loving anything colourful.
P.P.S: Jonathan just booked tickets to Harry Potter for saturday night! GOLD CLASS as well! Weee! All aboard the hogwarts expresssss! So excited!




  1. Yoga class with a bunch of 50-somethings!
    I went to the midnight launch of Harry last night. AMAZING.

  2. Loving that jumper - totally thrift store chic! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog, it's so fun to find other Aussie-based sites to follow!
    - Catherine at The Spring (In Brisbane!)


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