Thursday, July 7, 2011

the true wheel

I didn't know whether to post on these or not....

I went on a solo op-shopping adventure today and I found these one season old Siren heels for $12. They're in perfect condition and I really can't work out why someone threw these out. I happily handed my card over to the lady to pay for them considering they retailed at about $180-$200.

I'm still not 100% sold on them but for $12 it doesn't really matter. I remember when I saw them in Myer a while back I really wanted them in brown and I was thinking at the time "they're okay for Louis Vuitton knocks". (You would have seen Madonna is the ever so controversial LV campaign wearing the LV/ original version of these heels).

I'm off to Sydney tomorrow - Just a short stint, but it will be wicked to get away from the GC.




  1. Those are so cute! It's always great finding shoes like that. That means they were meant for you!
    Love, Flo

  2. I have these shoes, bought them on sale last year on Molini online for $50! Bargain. I love them, I always get tons of compliments when I wear them. Can't believe someone would toss them out - lucky you though! Where do you usually go opshopping? I live on the coast too but only know of the giant lifeline near Lone Star and two stores in Palmy : ( I need to know where the hotspots are!!


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