Monday, August 2, 2010

Drop every fear.


Dress: thrifted Belt: Oroton thrifted belt Shoes: Wittner

This morning has been a great start to the week. I made myself a coffee but now fear i gave myself diabetes, as it was so sweet. I drink coffee like water. I love the smell and the taste. Okay, enough about my coffee addiction.

I bought this dress from a thrift shop. I don't know what i was thinking buying a size eighteen. Yes, i bought it at least 6 or so sizes too big. Lucky i have sewing skills, otherwise it would have been a Moo-moo on me. I would have been drowned in tiger print fabric. I left it quite loose still, as i like that style as opposed to fitted. I love the structured shoulders as well. All in all a great find after i altered it. I must say i am very pleased when i stumbled across this Oroton belt last week. It was in pretty good condition. I just had to put some extra holes into the leather, and it was good to go! I love the gold buckle. That's basically why i bought it.

Our camera arrived today! So i have been sussing it out all morning! Ahhh. I am in love with it. Seriously i think the delivery lady thought I was a little crazy. I looked at the box to see the origin of the parcel and jumped with excitement. Now all i need is to learn how to use it. 

Have a great week. I think this week is going to be a good one and hopefully a fast one!



  1. what size are you??

  2. What I mean by 6 sizes too big: 6,8,10,12,14,16,18.. I'm a size six.

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  4. not to be rude but you dont look that small. Dont get wrong you have a amzing bod. CLEARLY!! do you diet or are you just a lucky bitch ahah <3

  5. Why ask if you're not going to believe her when she tells you?

    Also, you do realise that prefacing your comment with "not to be rude" doesn't make it any less insulting, right?

    What size are you anyway, Anonymous? Please include pictures with your response so we can tell you what size you *actually* are. Not to be rude, but you sound fat.


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