Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So here we are.

I know it's not fashion related, but its definitely a fashionable statement. I just put a cruiser bike on lay-by. I didn't get a chance to take a picture, so i thought I'd draw it from memory. Note: I want a kitten (still) to put in the basket...

Today is another beautiful day! What is with this weather? It's been unreal! This morning i have been gathering inspiration for an up and coming shoot. Some Photographers and i are pulling different inspiration together and setting a date to shoot. Can not wait. There are so many beautiful editorials at the moment. I could look at them all day. Check out studded hearts, to see some of the most recent editorials. I am going crazy over this particular shoot with Erin Wasson.

I also have been looking online for various bits and pieces. My "want/love" list is way too long! I need to learn to stop adding to it. For example a bike has been on the top of my list since last year (Actually i wouldn't be surprised if it was on my list the year before last). But i am only just getting one now because there has been way too many other things i have wanted! 

I am off to get ready for work. Our level of our apartment building is getting renovated so all morning i have had the sniffles. All the paint and varnish is going to my head. Though, we have a pretty stylish new front door. I bet i manage to get paint on my outfit on the way out.

I wish i could sit in the sun all day and drink fresh apple juice and basically just zone out. I'd be content with that.


Drawing of my little bicycle done by me. I got excited.

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  1. aww that drawing is so cute! and riding around in the summer time on a turquoise cruiser sounds like heaven <3


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