Thursday, August 12, 2010

Run the heart.

I bought this hat just before i went away. I wanted a warm, fuzzy hat that wasn't a beanie.  It has done its duties. It has even served as a umbrella too. I.e propelled the rain from my newly washed hair. I have a little thing for neutral tones at the moment.

I had a mother/daughter day yesterday, which was really nice. I don't get to have days like that too often, as i live so far away from my parents! We had brekkie and a coffee at a cute cafe in the morning and then mum shouted me a massage. Far out it awesome. I fell asleep and i noticed that i was dreaming (oh and i drooled too).. I wish it went for longer! Around lunchtime we ventured to the Op-Shops, and i picked up some cute, emerald coloured shoes. They have a little heel, and have the cutest buckle on the toe. The lady gave them to me for 50 cents. They need a bit of a repair though. But i couldn't resist.  On our way home we stopped at a cafe and got some tea and some snacks. We sat by the fire, cos it was sooo cold! I'm still getting used to the colder weather. Then last night Mum and Dad made Jonathan and I a baked dinner, for our dinner!- if only you could live out of home but still receive your parents cooking every night. So yesterday was a perfect day all round.

My holiday is slowly coming to an end. I have really enjoyed being home. I will really miss it when i go back up to Queensland. What i miss about my home town  is the slow paced lifestyle. I have forgotten the date and the time all week. I like that everyone here is so cruisey and i like that everyone says hello to each other when they pass on the street. No one is rude and everyone has a smile on their face.

I hope the rain stops….


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