Sunday, August 22, 2010


Vest: Vintage, Shirt: Plain tee from General pants, Dress: Don't ask Amanda, Shoesies: Myer- I have forgotten already. Excuse the short term memory loss. I'll get back to you.

My weekend has been wonderful. We went on a drive to Byron Bay in search of a schnitzel but settled with two yummy pizzas, garlic bread and a bottle of vino, I worked, I had some more vino, I laughed, I enjoyed the sun, I spent it with good company, I went shopping and purchased the shoes in this outfit post, I watched one of the worst movies of all time (so much so i am not even telling you what it was), I discovered the tattoo i wish to get (and i will be getting it soon), I ate chip sandwiches, I re-discovered my love for curly hair. In these outfit shots, you can see me showcasing my "natural" hair. I haven't worn my hair natural in the past three years. This is one of the first times my boyfriend has seen my hair like this. Crazzzzzzzy. What do you think of my curly hair? A lot more happened on my weekend and a lot of fun times were had, but i don't really have time to write 10, 000 in depth paragraphs.

I hope a lot of crazy times and fun memories were created on your weekend.



Photos: Taken by Jonathan

Location: Our level of our apartment. My outfit matches our new interior design. Ha.


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