Friday, August 20, 2010


What a gloomy, gloomy day.  It's raining today so i wasn't motivated to take any photos, nor was i motivated to do much else than work. If i could have walked around with a doona and my bed i would have. I love rain, but i hate the fuzzy hair that comes with it. Also: I stepped in a puddle which i swear was invisible... well until i felt that my foot was wet. It made me think that i should invest in some gum boots.

I have had the lyrics of "Singin' in the rain" in my head since early this morning- Purely because it was raining outside. With those lyrics in my head, i then started to think of the movie "Singin' in the rain", which is an American comedy musical film . Who knows how my mind works, especially on gloomy days (this story will make sense soon enough). Anyway a long story short- My post will be on Debbie Reynolds, who stars in "singing in the rain"...So i came about it in a round about way!

I'm basically just posting photos. Debbie was an image of the all-American girl,  so beautiful and so classy. I like seeing photos from decades ago, where the women are showing natural beauty and smiling was the thing to do it photos. I think that more photographers should portray this type of beauty in their work. 

Have a great weekend! I'm off to Byron Bay tonight! 

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