Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little bit of Vintage.

Finally home! I can not wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. Nothing ever beats it!

We took our time to drive back to Sydney today. As we drove through the small country town of Milton (New South Wales), my boyfriend asked if i wanted to stop for a bit. At first i said "Nah, there's nothing here- lets keep driving"... And then his next sentence mentioned a vintage store! We basically stopped the car that minute and went to the CUTEST vintage store called Nikki B's Vintage Collectables and Giftware.  I am so very glad we stopped. We both bought quite a lot and the lovely Nikki gave me a vintage ring for free.  Nikki sources most of her garments from Melbourne, however she also sources local shops around the South Coast region of New South Wales. She was so lovely, and as you can see she let me take photographs of the shop, stock and other bits and pieces.  As we drove off i realised i wanted two other things i had tried on, but we were already behind schedule and there was no way i was missing my flight back to Queensland. It just so happened that my Mum and Dad were staying in Milton for the weekend, so i sent mum to the shop to buy the two pieces of clothing, and the lady chucked in a free jacket/ bolero. Score. So when i head back down to Sydney in a couple of weeks i'll pick it up off mum! So glad i was able to get the last two pieces! I totally regretted not getting them, but luck was definitely on my side! Keep reading my blog daily as i will be posting more often now! And make sure you are following too!

How awesome are the yellow shoes?

Anyway, back to reality now that our holiday is over!

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Tomorrow i am relaxing and doing absolutely nothing.



PS- Ignore my traveling clothes and my haggard looking face. Car trips just don't do much for your appearance.

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  1. WOWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what an amazing store! I could get lost in there!!!


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