Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breo Watch

(Lee Jeans, Fallen Shoes, Tee from General Pants, ILparana watch by Breo, Hat from Myer, Skate board from CCS)

Jonathan has always wanted a watch he could skate in without worrying it was going to get ruined or scratched up when he bails . Breo definitely came to his rescue on that one. Most "sport" watches are super chunky and have sort of lost touch with any kind of fashion - but this ILparana watch by Breo, has it all. It has a rubber strap - making it light weight for skating in and the stylish face allows him to wear it places other than the skate park. So two thumbs up for your rad designs Breo and for making a watch that can withstand a good thrashing.

Photos by me- Thanks to Jonathan for being my model for this post.


  1. Oh the pictures look great! I love the motions you captured! Good one Ally! And hey I've seen your ad on tv a few times, and i always go "oh oh oh that's Ally the fashion blogger!" :)


  2. Thanks Nora! :-) How exciting! I saw it for the first time the other day, and it wasnt meant to be shown in QLD - So i was so excited when I saw it! Ally X


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