Monday, October 10, 2011

Tom O'hern

Introducing Tom O'hern - Artist, extraordinaire. Tom O'hern is known for his use of ink on paper. I posted about him on the WE ARE HANDSOME BLOG just after we got back from our road trip, but don't know if all my readers look at their blog, so I thought I would post it on here.

Tom Ohern's work is amazing. His fine detailing and intricate line work make his work so captivating. His line work is intense - it must take him hours to complete a single piece!

I want to purchase 6 pieces of his work and display them in a horizontal line - as that was how they were displayed around The Rocks in Sydney and it looked incredible.

If you’re in Sydney go and check out the Primavera exhibition – it runs until the 13th of November

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Thank god Monday is over - let's get this week a-rolllllll-ing! Ally xx

Oh, and P-to-the-S, Tom also blogs: Check it

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  1. His word is so mad, great style. Loving your new look here too!

    A x


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