Monday, October 24, 2011

Natalie Kucken

It's becoming more apparent that age doesn't matter in today's society. There is no "right age" to learn something. Nor is there a "right age" to be sure of what you're doing. Waiting to do something until you can be sure of doing it exactly right, means waiting forever. So I find it so impressive that young people such as Natalie Kucken are following their dreams at a young age. (I know I am only 21, but it truly is impressive seeing people younger than you killin' it).

Natalie is seventeen years old and has been behind the lens since she was fourteen. Her work has already been published in several independent magazines, a novel and all over the blogosphere naturally. She has the drive and confidence to get her work published large-scale - it's so inspiring seeing a seventeen year old so driven by passion.

I am a firm believer that in today's society you have to start young to get a head. There's no reason why, at 17, 20 or 24 you can't make a living off what you love - all you need is the desire, the passion, the confidence and the drive

You can catch Natalie's work on here blog here or on her official site here



  1. Totally agree! Age is just a number, not an indication of talent & passion. Works both ways too --- there's no reason why at 50 you can't take up something completely new and give it a go. And wow, what beautiful imagery, going off to check out more of Natalie's work! Rach xx


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