Sunday, October 9, 2011

oh mumma I want to go surfin'

With yesterday's crap weather here on the so called "Gold Coast", I thought all of my weekend was going to be spent indoors. I can handle one day indoors but two consecutive days I tend to go a little crraaa-zzz-yyy. I love going to the beach and doing leisurely things on my days off and so does Jonathan so that works out well.

We left the house early to get to the beach for a surf. It was such a good work out. I am really looking forward to summer - let's just hope it's not a repeat of last summer, i.e raining all day everyday for three months. If it is nice weather this summer I could really get used to morning surfs, brunch and soaking up some sun to get rid of this white winter skin. Though I am not looking forward to sand ending up everywhere it's not wanted...

You might remember these Seafolly Swimmers from a post a couple of months ago - I am so glad I can wear them now. Thanks again Sunburn for sending me some love!

I am wearing Seafolly Beatnik bikini, House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses and good ol' havaianas

Have a lazy, lazy Sunday afternoon guys! Ally XX


  1. suuuuuper gorgeous hunni! I love your article like posts ;)

  2. Thanks J! Yeah I am really enjoying my new layout! XX

  3. Love seafolly, its the best swimwear Ive ever had. Great surfery pics!

    Rianna xxxx


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