Sunday, October 23, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, we went away for two nights this weekend. Each road trip we've taken over the last few months we have fallen more and more in love with the mid north coast of NSW! Coffs Harbor is the perfect distance for a weekend away. We love getting away - but sometime you just don't want to be driving the entirety of your weekend. Driving sort of takes away the "relaxation factor".

We stayed at a really nice apartment by the beach, ate yummy Thai food the first night, ate the most disgusting Mexican I have ever tasted the second night, screamed at Paranormal Activity 3, lazed about in the sun, ate at a little cafe on the wharf called "Latitude 30" for breakfast both mornings because it was just too tasty not to, looked at op-shops...and the list goes on.

I am wearing: MAD LOVE tank (courtesy of Mad Love), Vintage "boyfriend" jeans, Ebay shoes, Zara hand bag, vintage scarf, D&G sunglasses

I got a few funny looks taking these photos and again when I wore these shoes at night - I felt like I had something smeared on my face or maybe Coffs Harbor just didn't appreciate my $30 shoes?

Hope you've had a wicked weekend, Ally oxo


  1. Loveee those heels! So cute <3



  2. the photos are gorgeous! love them! and of course the outfit is very chic! follow me back maybe?

  3. maybe its just the fact that you're wearing heels in coffs harbour where everyone is wearing thongs? :p I have that problem sometimes!

    Nora Finds

  4. Thanks guys!

    Nora: haha, possibly. But they're not that big hehe. X

  5. what a fun weekend away. I havent made it down to coffs, mayeb I coudl add that to a weekend away wish list. and I think your $30 shoes are great!

  6. You should! You'd love it Liss! And thank you! X


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