Sunday, June 6, 2010

And we both know hearts can change.

If i only had one word to sum up my weekend, i would simply say "outstanding". Mainly because i got to do everything i wanted to do and it was super weather to do it in! I can't believe we got two days of perfect sunshine. That in itself was enough to make my weekend outstanding even before any activities took place. Here's a summary in 25 words or possibly more, I'm not totally sure.

We went on a walk, had breakfast out, drank coffee, drank vino, went shopping, drank more coffee. Today i went to the village markets (Burleigh Heads) and looked through all the vintage stalls. Such cute set ups. All the stall owners go to so much effort to make theirs stand out from everyone else. There were a few things i absolutely adored, but didn't purchase them. We got there late (near closing), and i figured if they weren't sold then they'll be there next time! We had a quiet weekend but it was lots of fun! Today i felt like making some gloves (featured in the photos above). I bought some studs a while ago and thought that gloves with studs on the knuckles would be so cute. What do you think of them?

Currently listening to November Rain by Guns N Roses. Funnily enough, this little blog was nearly called "NOVEMBER RAIN". But, i decided "UNKNOWN PLEASURES", based on a Joy Division album had a nicer ring to it! So there you go. Now you know all the facts! I hope you feel special.

I hope all your weekends were awesomely amazing.

Tee: Guns N Roses, Gloves:Cheap fingerless gloves!
Photos of me taken by me.
Header: Done by me


  1. in the first pic, you look like you giving yourself some chiropractic work. but in the most modelly way possible, and you make it look good! haha love you ally mayyyyyy xx

  2. Harri, you are a little bit crazy aren't you. You give me compliments in the most round about ways. But thank you. :-) x

  3. Love the gloves! I bought some fingerless gloves today to do the same thing.

  4. Aww thanks! Ah, did you? What colour are you making?x


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